Smart-monitoring and a complex energy management

By using modern IoT technologies, we bring a remote smart-monitoring with a complex energy management and financing. We will enable you to make the right and effective decisions in your energy management in “real time”.


„Having an overview of your assets can save you a lot of money.“

The eIoT (energy Internet of Things) brand was created as a joint initiative of three cooperating companies that decided to bring innovative products in the field of energy management of buildings to market.

A unique product was created by connecting professional know-how from different areas and by the subsequent conversion of the obtained data into the reduction of energy requirements of buildings. This product meets the top criteria in the field of energy smart-metering. The high-quality and robust Chastia software, which is integrated with the IoT network for obtaining energy data is an ideal tool for the subsequent evaluation of energy consumption, saving proposals as well as for the anomaly detection. Thanks to the professional guidance and advice for working with the obtained data, the customer receives the most modern and sophisticated system for efficient management as well as for the energy management of their real estate portfolio.



Monitoring and Measurement

oT – an abbreviation for the Internet of Things – stands for technologies that enable the communication link between devices. Generally, they have low consumption and data transfer requirements as well as a big network reach and low procurement costs.

Typical applications include monitoring and measuring sensors (industry, agriculture, environment, households) as well as the tracking of movement and position of people, animals, vehicles or goods.


Data Transfer

Communication networks LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT together with a central communication node are designed for collecting data from all types of sensors. Networks are intended for the wireless transmission of Internet of Things (IoT) data over a regional, national or global network.


Data Processing and Reporting

The CHASTIA software is designed for data processing, visualization, reporting and evaluation. It offers a possibility to monitor data correlations with other monitored values. At the same time, it provides a simple and clear interface with the possibility of extending the software for additional modules. This facility management software is used by many companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.



Electric meter

Water meter

Gas meter

Thermo meter




IoT devices

Compact solution

Wireless communication

and service

of equipment

Service equipment


Data transfer





Data storage
and processing



Link to
Chastia FM

Energy consultancy

Finding savings

of financing

of savings


... and other.

Benefits for the consumer

A perfect overview of

an electricity, water and gas consumption.

Temperature and humidity sensing

in every required place.

Detection of leaks, errors

and unwanted situations in “real time”.

Data for registration and evaluation

with a subsequent step for designing more efficient and economic operations.

Clear graphs and tables

with a possibility to use them for further settlement.

Property management,

documentation and its maintenance (optional).

Obtaining additional benefits,

which can be suggested by the data analysis.


Smart Metering in High Tatras

The subject of a technical solution – the use of smart metering during reconstruction and a subsequent monitoring of the boiler’s room for the mountain hotel “Sliezsky dom”, which is located in High Tatras, in the area of Nova Polianka.

more info

Smart Metering & Planning in the Spa

The objective of the task: to make dynamic energy data from the entire spa complex available to the auditor in order to streamline the economy and to have possibilities of financing from cost-saving measures.

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Users of eIoT platform

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Which meters can be used for data collection?

Nowadays, there is a large number of meters and measuring instruments from various manufacturers. In principle, the newer the meter, the greater the likelihood that the data collection will be possible. However, we do recommend an individual assessment.

What are the options for collecting data from the meters?

There are several output options from meters such as M-Bus, RS485, pulse output, optical output and others.

What are IoT devices?

We use various IoT devices in the energy industry. The complex devices called smart meters provide measurement and data transmission. IoT converters, on the other hand, can be connected to meter outputs and can then be used for the subsequent data transmission. IoT sensors are useful for measuring various types of parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2, luminosity, movement, distance and many others.

How are IoT devices powered?

The power supply either is a separate battery or it comes from 230V electric mains.

How often can data be collected?

It depends on the use of transmission infrastructure. When using Wi-Fi networks, it can be secondary data. For IoT networks, these can be several minute-long intervals.